Forest Thinning

Thinning is the process of removing inferior quality trees in order to create space and light for better quality trees to grow and mature.

The timber or roundwood derived from thinning is sold for various purposes and is categorised as follows:

  • Pulp material
  • Pallet material
  • Stake material

Thinning is an essential management activity which ensures maximum financial returns from the clearfelling of the crop when mature.

We provide a commission based approach to thinning and clearfelling with commissions based on the net profit from timber sales delivered to the forest owner. This is conducted on an open book transparent basis and ensures the forest owners goals and ours are fully aligned. 

For more information on thinning please visit or alternatively contact us.

Forestry and the timber industry has been very much an under developed sector in Ireland and I feel this new website is an ideal vehicle to help to promote and coordinate investors, farmers, auctioneers and all involved in the sector. I congratulate Paddy Bruton and all his team in Forestry Services Ltd. on this one-stop-shop website initiative and wish them every success in the future.
Sean Kelly MEP at website launch
In an environment of historically low interest rates and bond yields; volatile and nervous equity markets; uncertain property markets; the investment options are not at all clear or straightforward at the moment. For any investor, diversification is key and in that context, forestry can play a very valuable role. This website will make a very valuable contribution to investors interested in sourcing this investment option.
Jim Power, Economist at website launch